Marianne Harris


Marianne Harris was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and developed her talent for art while still in elementary school. She started with a general exposure to various types of art media, but quickly focused her interests on painting–first oils, then watercolours, and now acrylics and mixed water-based media. Over the years, several artists have inspired and influenced her, and a somewhat looser style currently predominates her paintings.

Her works have sold across the country and abroad, being displayed in many art shows, with various art clubs and associations, as well as in private shows. Marianne’s works are available in several galleries as well. Commissioned pieces are done on request.

Marianne has expanded her art business, Paintwerx Studios, to include teaching children and adult workshops, for-fun “Away To Play” paint events, competitions, illustrations, and photography, which makes hers a continuously busy schedule!

Paintwerx Studios


Most of my early work was of various landscapes in watercolour, tending to be fairly detailed and realistic. Much of this work has been inspired from photographs I have taken, and in turn I try to capture these memories in my work, which hopefully will resonate with the viewer. Experimenting with varied styles and media has been an exciting process!

Although I am inspired by a variety of subject matter with an eye for the unusual, my travels and photography have given rise to my favourite subject, “people and their activities”, both in my photos and paintings. People are always fascinating the world over, and I strive to share their stories, along with my emotional reactions to the scene, in colour and paint.

My art is also a result of my personal impression of nature and unusual subject matter. I trust it will evoke a personal feeling and perhaps a past memory in the viewer also, and through my artwork be able to catch a glimpse of where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and hopefully combined in a new way!

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