Aims Abson

This year I am excited to bring my new creations to the 2024 July long weekend Artists on the Avenue Market!

I’ve spent the time since last year’s market working on some new creations that have been so fun for me I didn’t want to stop working on them!

This year I’m happy to offer light as air earrings I’ve created in my own special designs. From butterflies to flowers, to trailers like my own wonderfully decorated Trillium trailer that I covered in flowers. I’ve created little trailer earrings covered in flowers for those of you who are into camping or just like to dream about being on the go!

I’ve also created some new silverware designs with beautiful patterns I’ve embedded into the metal while rolling a spoon bowl out nice and thin. I discovered the possibilities as I went along and that is how I came up with my next new creations!

Car Windchimes! Created from a spoon bowl and fork tines, these windchimes come with colourful ball chain to dangle them from the arm of the rearview mirror. Get into some scary driving? Just give them a flick and let the sounds of the chimes let you Keep Calm and Drive On! Or – hang them anywhere! Their beautiful little chimes will make you smile every single time!

I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s market and am eager to share my newer (and older) creations with you!

Big Blue Barn Designs |

Aims Abson is the self-taught mixed media artist behind Big Blue Barn Designs.

It was her love for “Oh shiny!” that began her jewelry-making journey. Add that to the fact that she doesn’t like to follow the herd and you get Aims’ unique one of a kind pieces.

Bashing metal, playing with torches or wrangling different types of clay are all part of the mystique behind each creation. You can find a number of different materials incorporated in most pieces, right down to twisted silverware or that lone cow’s tooth she found on the side of the river. Aims believes that anything is possible and wants to catch it, put it around your wrist or hang it from your ears.

You won’t meet anyone wearing an identical Big Blue Barn design. That’s the joy of being unique!

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