Sons of Fenrir in Markerville

June 18th was a great day, and not just because the sun managed to keep the rain at bay. The Sons of Fenrir set up their market in Historic Markerville, shared stories, joined spectators in games and of course shared battle re-enactments from the Viking Age.

Photos from July 4, 2021

It was threatening rain, but many of the artists stayed for day two of our Outdoor Art Show and Sale. It turned out great (rain held off till 5 p.m.), and people kept showing up right to closing. Larry and Russ returned to sing and play guitars, helping to make the day enjoyable both sight and sound.

Thank you to all the artisans who could attend and make Artists on the Avenue possible. And a big thanks to everyone who ventured out to see the show; it was a success, and we’re all looking forward to next year.

Here are some photos from our second day:

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Photos from July 3, 2021

What a great day for the start of the second annual Artists on the Avenue Outdoor Show and Sale! Special thanks to the Markerville Creamery staff who brought some “July 1st Celebration” cake and fresh coffee to share with the artists!

Here are some photos from morning setup and throughout the day.

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artOTave + Show ‘n Shine

Several artisans returned on August 8 to take part in the Annual Show ‘n Shine and Market event put on by the Markerville Creamery. The Market set up in the Creamery Yard, while Artists on the Avenue set up their tents and tables along Johnson Avenue and on Center Street.

David Todd, Judy Hauge, Jean Elliott, Marlene Potter, Carol Ritten Smith, Ron Bradley, and Annette Gray took part in the impromptu Artists on the Avenue gathering. Pottery, glass works, painted tiles, photo art cards, fiber art, literary works and more were on display.

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Show ‘n Shine Vendors

The Annual Show ‘n Shine held on August 8, 2021 also provided an opportunity for local vendors to set up in the Creamery yard for a Market. Since the Christmas Market for 2020 had been cancelled it was exciting to see familiar booths set up displaying a wide variety of items for sale.

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Amber Williams Band

Dinner and Date Night at the Markerville Creamery on Thursday, August 5th featured Amber Williams. As usual, the Kaffistofa was open from 5 pm to 8 pm for dinner, dessert and ice cream.

Amber entertained the crowd from 6:30 to 7:30, and her daughter even helped out on a couple of songs! Relaxing, fun, and quite enjoyable.

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Outlaw Music in Markerville

Outlaw Music (JoLynn McGillivray & Gerry Bradshaw) performed for the Thursday, July 29th “Dinner & Date Night” in the Creamery Courtyard. The entertainment, the food, the weather … another perfect combination for the second “Date Night” of 2021.
Highlights included Sweet Caroline, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, and Jolene to name just a few!

Thank you to Outlaw Music, Historic Markerville and the staff at the Kaffistofa for making it happen.

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Jaydin Vonkeman

July 22, 2021 | 6:30 PM

Markerville was treated to an evening of live music by Jaydin Vonkeman.

The Creamery opened for this special event, allowing everyone to grab something to eat before the show. With ice cream for dessert, folks settled into their lawn chairs or took advantage of provided seats and picnic tables to sit back, relax and enjoy the concert. #jaydinvonkeman

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Sons of Fenrir

Some video from July 17, 2021 when the Sons of Fenrir visited #historicmarkerville.

Despite the group’s demonstration warmup on Saturday, they seemed to have been soundly defeated in final battle. Better luck next year!

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Hatí and Sköll?

Found wandering along Johnson Avenue in Markerville, (l to r): Scott, Kelsey, Violet, Christopher, and Rupert are armed with their best Viking scowls and ready to face whatever a visit from The Sons of Fenrir might entail.
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July / August Happenings

Saturday, July 17, 2021
The Sons of Fenrir

  • 12:00 noon – Sons of Fenrir Market
  • 1:00 pm – Viking re-enactment
  • 2:00 pm – Ice cream for all warriors in the Creamery Courtyard.
  • 3:00 pm – Icelandic National Day Celebration program & Crowning of Markerville’s Fjallkona
  • 4:30 pm – Picnic lunch (bring your favourite picnic)

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August 9th Photos 2020

August 8th was a great day, with sunshine and a little rain and gusts of wind to keep everyone on their toes.

Sunday the 9th was a perfect day with lots of sunshine, and visitors spending time browsing artwork and chatting with the artists. Thank you to all the artists who attended: Amanda Frost, Christina Ekman, David Todd, Doug Taylor, Ed & Marlene Potter, Raevyn Berg, Ron Bradley, and Vern Steinbrecker.
A last minute addition to the group, Derick Dunphy, set up for the second half of the day, and some of the local car club members even drove by to say “Hi” in style!

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