Mary Anne Message

Mary Anne Message was ready to go, rain or shine, and everyone who showed up for the August 4th “Supper & Song” were glad they did. The weather may have scared a few people away, but definitely not Jack and Dot who showed up in their rain gear. I’m pretty sure they would have been out there dancing even if the rain hadn’t let up. Here are some more photos and video from the evening event at the Markerville Creamery stage.

See the original post on the Historic Markerville Facebook Page.

Jack and Dot doin’ the right thing!
Three of the songs performed by Mary Anne Message on the August 4th Creamery Stage: 455 Rocket, Every Little Thing, and Big Bad Handsome Man.

Historic Markerville Supper and Song Thursday Roster
Supper 5:00 pm / Songs 6:30 pm


August 11 – Amber Williams
August 18 – Allen Christie
August 25 – Larry Kjearsgaard

Frank Durocher

Marie Sveinson introduced Frank Durocher, from Rocky Mountain House, at the start of his set and then teased that she didn’t need to say much since he wouldn’t be too shy about telling us about himself. Then he took over the microphone and enthusiastically shared stories, jokes and wonderful songs for the next hour-and-a-half!

Frank opened with “Y’all Come”, “You and Your Sweet Love”, “Mansion Over the Hilltop”, “Kaw-Liga” and “Mansion on the Hill” … songs made popular by Porter Wagnoner, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Hank Williams and Charlie Pride.

After a couple more favourites, Frank had the ladies stand and sing a verse from “Jesus Loves Me” and then had the men stand and do likewise. The impromptu “contest” resulted in a tie, although Frank mentioned that the men seemed a little shy to start with! After some persuading from the audience, Frank continued with a Buck Owens classic, “Act Naturally.”

The encore included “Why Me Lord?”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “How Great Thou Art”, and “I saw the Light.”

Following are some photos and video from the July 28th Supper and Song evening with Frank Durocher. Visit the Historic Markerville Facebook page to see the original post with more photos.

Clip from “Act Naturally” performed by Frank Durocher
Three of the songs performed by Frank Durocher at the July 28th “Supper and Song”

Historic Markerville Supper and Song Thursday Roster
Supper 5:00 pm / Songs 6:30 pm


August 04 – Mary Anne Message
August 11 – Amber Williams
August 18 – Allen Christie
August 25 – Larry Kjearsgaard

Raeleen & Jason McCutcheon

Raeleen & Jason McCutcheon entertained an enthusiastic crowd at the third instalment of Supper and Song on July 21, 2022. [See the Historic Markerville Facebook page]

Here are photos and a few video clips from the event.

Video clips from July 21 “Supper and Song” with Raeleen & Jason McCutcheon

Historic Markerville Supper and Song Thursday Roster
Supper 5:00 pm / Songs 6:30 pm

July 28 – Frank Durocher
August 04 – Mary Anne Message
August 11 – Amber Williams
August 18 – Allen Christie
August 25 – Larry Kjearsgaard

Roberta Lynn Fetch

Roberta recently appeared at the July 14, 2022 Supper and Song event in Markerville, Alberta for another splendid evening of wonderful songs. [View the post on the Historic Markerville Facebook page] Following are some photos and video of the evening.

Partial playlist of Roberta Lynn Fetch’s Supper and Song performance.

I love her artist bio I found on the ReverbNation site:
Bobby-Lynn was born and raised on a farm in rural Alberta. First sitting at a piano at the age of six, she began life steeped in the appreciation of music. She spent 11 years completing Royal Conservatory. But it was nearly twenty years later when a guitar made her passion come alive. Today she writes songs delivered in raspy tones made to touch the heart, strummed to a gentle acoustic guitar. Having been compared to sounding like Stevie Nicks and Tracy Chapman, she mixes it with a soft acoustic sound.

Historic Markerville Supper and Song Thursday Roster
Supper 5:00 pm / Songs 6:30 pm

July 21 – Raeleen McCutcheon
July 28 – Frank Durocher
August 04 – Mary Anne Message
August 11 – Amber Williams
August 18 – Allen Christie
August 25 – Larry Kjearsgaard

Outlaw Music Supper & Song

July 7 saw the return of Outlaw Music to the Creamery Courtyard stage for the start of Thursday evening Supper & Song. The Markerville Creamery has extended hours for eight free performances during the summer on Thursdays. The staff invite everyone to drop in for supper starting 5 pm, with songs starting at 6:30 pm for an hour’s worth of music to appeal to all ages, with different artists each Thursday. This event is courtesy of Historic Markerville Creamery.

Gerry and Jolynn pulled off an almost flawless performance, including taking requests and ending the evening with an encore of two more songs.

Historic Markerville Supper and Song Thursday Roster
Supper 5:00 pm / Songs 6:30 pm

July 07 – Gerry & Jolynn
July 14 – Roberta Lynn Fetch
July 21 – Raeleen McCutcheon
July 28 – Frank Durocher

August 04 – Mary Anne Message
August 11 – Amber Williams
August 18 – Allen Christie
August 25 – Larry Kjearsgaard

Outlaw Music live at Supper and Song in Markerville, Alberta
Gerry and Jolynn of Outlaw Music
Gerry and Jolynn perform one of their favourites, “Long Time Gone”

Photos from July 3, 2022

We’d like to thank all the artists and bidders that participated in the Artists on the Avenue outdoor art show and sale held July 2nd and 3rd in Markerville. New this year was a Silent Auction, which was a great success! Over $1,000 was raised, with all proceeds going to the Buttermaker’s House Restoration project.

We appreciate all the donations of items and artwork, including the live painting items that were created during the two-day event.

15 items received bids, and there are four more items donated for a follow-up auction event later this summer. Thank you to everyone for helping us support the Markerville historic society and their ongoing renovation projects.

Here are photos from the second day!

Photos from July 2, 2022

The weather begrudgingly co-operated for our 3rd Annual Outdoor Art Show and Sale. Once everyone was set up it didn’t take long for artists to begin donating artwork to our Silent Auction table, and several also began live painting their contributions! All proceeds from the Silent Auction are going to support the Buttermaker House renovation efforts, one of the historic buildings located in Markerville.

Larry and Russ joined in and entertained everyone with live music. All in all, a good first day of the show. Join us again on Sunday, July 3 for more glorious artwork! And sunshine!

Marianne Harris


Marianne Harris was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and developed her talent for art while still in elementary school. She started with a general exposure to various types of art media, but quickly focused her interests on painting–first oils, then watercolours, and now acrylics and mixed water-based media. Over the years, several artists have inspired and influenced her, and a somewhat looser style currently predominates her paintings.

Her works have sold across the country and abroad, being displayed in many art shows, with various art clubs and associations, as well as in private shows. Marianne’s works are available in several galleries as well. Commissioned pieces are done on request.

Marianne has expanded her art business, Paintwerx Studios, to include teaching children and adult workshops, for-fun “Away To Play” paint events, competitions, illustrations, and photography, which makes hers a continuously busy schedule!

Paintwerx Studios

Continue reading Marianne Harris

Raevyn Berg

I was born and raised in Alberta and have spent the majority of my life surrounded by the enriching beauty that is our natural backyard. I am compelled to venture to the Rocky Mountains whenever I need a spiritual recharge. I enjoy every moment being in the wilderness, especially when I get the opportunity to sit by a flowing body of water.

My desire to be immersed in nature has made me an avid wildlife enthusiast, particularly when it comes to understanding the impacts people have on wildlife populations. I’ve spent hours and hours mesmerized by the behaviors and antics of other living beings on our planet. Painting animals has been one of my most rewarding subjects, as I love showing the expression of their soul through my art, as well as reminding people that they too, exist.

I’ve been painting professionally for a few years now and always pursue greater excellence as my style emerges and my artistic journey continues.

Michele Brewster

I wanted to be an artist at a young age. Like many other artists, I want to create images that inspire emotional response.

My formal education was at the Alberta College of Art, but I feel that the experiences of life and an appreciation of nature have had the most influence on my work. Keeping standards high is what forces me to grow as an artist, something that is ongoing as I attempt to do more with my time and energy.

I find the most satisfaction from working with oil or gouache. I try to use design theory to create a strong composition. It becomes exciting to see it through to completion.

My work has found homes in Europe, the United States, as well as in Canadian corporate and private collections.

David Todd

I’ve been a potter for more than 25 years and now, a new resident of Markerville, Alberta. Using a combination of electric, gas kilns, primitive firing and a wood kilns, the pottery produced has a unique style and range. One can never have too many handmade coffee mugs!

The evolution of my pottery has taken me through primitive firing techniques, the fire and dance of Raku and into the functionality of stoneware and porcelain. I have been learning about firing pottery in a wood kiln and have several firings of my pottery completed already. Soon there will be a functional line of pottery using this technique as well.

Inspired by nature and using clay formed by ancient rivers, I create handmade objects that will last for thousands of years.

Otter Pottery | 74 Johnson Avenue, Markerville, AB
403-638-5177 |

Christina Ekman

I have a love of nature in particular the trees and hills, skies and the feeling they convey to me. I have been called an original druid, by some.

My love of history and change in society is a focus for my art. I enjoy interpreting and as such am more an abstract or impressionist painter.

My hope and dream is to share some of the trails i have travelled with you.

Amanda Frost

Amanda Frost is a self-taught artist originally from England. “I have seen many places in the world but am proud to call Canada home.”

She got into art at a young age, and found that her father’s work as draftsman led her to use math in art, hence the pointillism and architectural drawings for which she is best known. She is also well known for her love of animals.

“My mission is to have fun trying to do justice to the beauty that surrounds us.” – A.F.

Aims Abson

Aims Abson is the self-taught mixed media artist behind Big Blue Barn Designs.

It was her love for “Oh shiny!” that began her jewelry-making journey. Add that to the fact that she doesn’t like to follow the herd and you get Aims’ unique one of a kind pieces.

Bashing metal, playing with torches or wrangling different types of clay are all part of the mystique behind each creation. You can find a number of different materials incorporated in most pieces, right down to twisted silverware or that lone cow’s tooth she found on the side of the river. Aims believes that anything is possible and wants to catch it, put it around your wrist or hang it from your ears.

You won’t meet anyone wearing an identical Big Blue Barn design. That’s the joy of being unique!

Big Blue Barn Designs |

Betty Caskey

I live to create. For the last 45 years, fiber, paper, dyes, paints, ribbon, and fabric (especially silk) has presented inspirational challenges to me. The satisfaction gained from manipulating this media is rivaled only by the joy I feel when I share this passion with others. Colour and texture are the most important ingredients in my work.

Besides selling at Markets I also teach what I do. For a list of my classes please contact me at

Silkworm Studio

Annette Gray

Annette Gray is a Canadian born writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She has numerous published short stories and newspaper articles to her credit as well as eight books: Butterflies In The Dark, Mountains and Moonbeams, Twisted Heart; Twin Hearts; Rearview Mirror; Journey of the Heart–a true story; Westport’s Tarnished Star–in defense of Johnny Behan; and Keep The Peace At All Cost.

“My father, a quiet, unassuming man, was a great mentor. He taught me to believe in myself. ‘You can do anything you set your mind to,’ he used to say. Under his guidance, I became a writer with hundreds of articles and short stories published in the USA and Canada.”

Graytwest Books by Annette Gray

I'll have Frank Sigurdson's book, 
"Life on Soggy Bottom Ranch" – taken from Frank's articles in the Western Star – at my table, too. 

— Annette

Ed & Marlene Potter

Marlene’s Krafty Korner
• Fiber Art
• Homemade Jams & Jellies
• The Kristmas Room
• Antiques & Collectibles

Regular Business Hours: Friday to Sunday 10am – 5pm

Ed Potter
• Handmade Log Cabin Bird Feeders

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