Christmas in Markerville

Otter Pottery and Marlene’s Krafty Korner will be open for the annual Christmas in Markerville festivities for 2023! Both businesses are located just west of the Church on Johnson Avenue.

The first weekend in November is set aside each year for Markerville’s Cookie Walk and Christmas Market. Beginning Friday, November 3rd you can build your own goodie bag of homemade treats! Christmas Vendors, including Big Blue Barn Designs, will be set up in Fensala Hall and the Creamery with handmade items for sale including spices, jewelry, woodworks, and more for all three days, November 3, 4 & 5, 2023. Lunch will be available at the Fensala Hall.

A Christmas Display will be set up at the Markerville Lutheran Church.

David Todd

74 Johnson Avenue, Markerville (By the Church)

I’m lucky to be able to live in Markerville with my own home studio. This will be our fourth year hosting Artist’s on the Avenue on the front lawns of our homes on Johnson Avenue.

Since moving here, I’ve finally gotten to offer a wide range of functional work in many different styles of pottery. Using electric kilns, a gas kiln and a raku kiln there is bound to be something that you would like to take home.

There is quite a selection of bowls, cups, plates, trays, mugs, and kitchen utility pieces in both high- and mid-fired clays.

To help you remember your visit to our hamlet, Markerville souvenir mugs are offered in several different designs.

Winter offers a great opportunity for the making of my art pottery creations which are displayed in the gallery and yard. Drop in, you never know what you will find!

Otter Pottery | 74 Johnson Avenue, Markerville, AB
403-638-5177 |

Marie Sveinson

36372 Range Road 15 (4 minutes S.E. of Markerville)

Marie Sveinson, a lifelong artist inspired by her mother, turned her passion into the Creamery Gallery in 1985, where she showcased her work.

Her art is influenced by her Icelandic heritage and the historic charm of Markerville. She enjoys painting Animals, Historic Buildings, and Landscapes. Marie’s studio, Grass Roots Art Studio, is available for viewings by appointment.

She finds inspiration in capturing cherished memories through her paintings, reviving forgotten moments in people’s lives.

Grass Roots Art | Google Maps Link

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Robert Braun

In the Fensala Hall

Wood turning has been Robert E. Braun’s passion for the past twenty years. Born and raised in a Northern Ontario lumber town, he developed his love of wood early in life. And, inspired by a craftsman he met in Greece who was turning his olive wood vases out of a store front studio, he was intrigued by the whole process of turning.

He prefers to turn while the wood is wet or “green” to allow it to distort and find its own shape. In addition, Robert has made over 90 of his own cutting knives. As the wood turns on the lathe, the grain patterns emerge and the adventure begins. It piques his interest to see what lies within.

Each piece he turns is chosen for its creative potential, making use of such features as burls, spalt, and bark inclusions. This ensures a unique creative result. One of his greatest pleasures is searching for exotic wood on his travels.

Bowls, vases, wall platters, and urns are examples of his work. Carving caricatures is another one of his passions. |

Aims Abson

In the Fensala Hall

Aims Abson is the self-taught mixed media artist behind Big Blue Barn Designs.

It was her love for “Oh shiny!” that began her jewelry-making journey. Add that to the fact that she doesn’t like to follow the herd and you get Aims’ unique one of a kind pieces.

Bashing metal, playing with torches or wrangling different types of clay are all part of the mystique behind each creation. You can find a number of different materials incorporated in most pieces, right down to twisted silverware or that lone cow’s tooth she found on the side of the river. Aims believes that anything is possible and wants to catch it, put it around your wrist or hang it from your ears.

You won’t meet anyone wearing an identical Big Blue Barn design. That’s the joy of being unique!

Big Blue Barn Designs |

4th Annual Art Show & Sale

Contact Us | The Artists | About Us

Thank you to all the participating artisans, and everyone who stopped by to take in our 4th Annual Art Show and Sale on July long weekend!

There are many folks that help out behind the scenes and contribute to the success of the event. From overflow parking access (thanks Jim, Al & d’Arcy, Carly, Fensala Hall!); to the food and facilities available at Historic Markerville Creamery (thanks Brooke, Pam and the gang!); to venue space access (thanks Ed & Marlene, Al & d’Arcy, Ron, SGSIS!).
Thanks to all the friends that followed along on Facebook and shared our posts to help get the word out.
When I was putting out our sandwich board signs for the event I was grateful for last year’s donations from Paintwerx Studios, Vokestone Crowns, and Drew & Michelle Hauge that made them possible!
Thanks to John for help with displays, Olivia Jasmin for sharing her photos from the event with us, and @charlotteskogenmusic for dropping in to play and sing for a while before heading over to the Creamery stage!
Thanks to the artists for helping each other out during set up and take down. Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands to tie that cord or balance a rack.
And finally, I want to mention an unexpected but most welcome contribution by neighbour Al. When the wind arrived on day two, he had a couple of lovely pieces of leftover marble slab that worked perfectly to thwart the escape attempts by a rack of dyed silk scarves!

Hilda & Kristy Gamble

Our names are Hilda and Kristy Gamble, a mother/daughter duo that has spent many hours taking classes, going to and running quilt retreats, learning and practicing our skills through fun, and now also teaching others. We play with both yarn and fabric.

Our yarn play has us create items such as slippers, mittens, hats, scarves and afghans of different sizes, weights and colors. Our fabric play has us create items such as placemats, hotmats, table runners, centrepieces, children’s books, table cloths and wall hangings.

Then there are the quilts! From small baby quilts to couch throws, twin quilts and sizes on up, there are always several quilts on the go. We create what we are inspired to as well as items we are commissioned to make for those who have specific wishes but perhaps neither the time or the skills to do their own.

We offer our creations for sale to others through markets, word of mouth and the occasional on-line posting. We are also happy to donate items several times a year, on our own, as well as through the two crafting groups in our area that we belong to. We like to think of our donations providing a smile or a warm hug to the recipients from someone in their community who cares.

We run quilt retreats and classes throughout the year, please contact us for details.

The Stitchin Nest at 22 Birdwalk
403-638-7356 |

Jean Elliott

Jean Elliott is a glass artist, residing in Didsbury, Alberta.

She has many years making, crafting and experimenting in assorted media … favourite items are made from glass in her home studio: Mosaics, soldered and fused.

Featured items for this market are cloth market bags, something for children and adults; fused glass pocket hearts and stir sticks.

Glass Art by Jean | 403-335-4722

Raevyn Berg

I was born and raised in Alberta and have spent the majority of my life surrounded by the enriching beauty that is our natural backyard. I am compelled to venture to the Rocky Mountains whenever I need a spiritual recharge. I enjoy every moment being in the wilderness, especially when I get the opportunity to sit by a flowing body of water.

My desire to be immersed in nature has made me an avid wildlife enthusiast, particularly when it comes to understanding the impacts people have on wildlife populations. I’ve spent hours and hours mesmerized by the behaviors and antics of other living beings on our planet. Painting animals has been one of my most rewarding subjects, as I love showing the expression of their soul through my art, as well as reminding people that they too, exist.

I’ve been painting professionally for a few years now and always pursue greater excellence as my style emerges and my artistic journey continues.

Betty Caskey

I live to create. For the last 45 years, fiber, paper, dyes, paints, ribbon, and fabric (especially silk) has presented inspirational challenges to me. The satisfaction gained from manipulating this media is rivaled only by the joy I feel when I share this passion with others. Colour and texture are the most important ingredients in my work.

Besides selling at Markets I also teach what I do. For a list of my classes please contact me at

Silkworm Studio

Vern Steinbrecker

I was raised on a farm north of Hanna and spent most of my life in Calgary, employed in the agricultural field and construction.

My wood turning started about 17 years ago as a personal hobby. After 7 years of building skills, I eventually began showing my work at the Farmers’ Markets around Calgary.

Upon retiring a few years ago, I moved to Sundre, Alberta where I am continuing to make wooden objects and enjoying the small local farmers markets here. I buy most of my wood, but if I find an interesting piece of wood I try to turn it into someone else’s treasure.

VJS Turning

Ann Jasmin

I’ve been creating on and off for over twenty years. I have dabbled in many different mediums my favourite being fabrics. I enjoy making faeries, ogres, dragons and many different Christmas ornaments.

Michele Brewster

I wanted to be an artist at a young age. Like many other artists, I want to create images that inspire emotional response.

My formal education was at the Alberta College of Art, but I feel that the experiences of life and an appreciation of nature have had the most influence on my work. Keeping standards high is what forces me to grow as an artist, something that is ongoing as I attempt to do more with my time and energy.

I find the most satisfaction from working with oil or gouache. I try to use design theory to create a strong composition. It becomes exciting to see it through to completion.

My work has found homes in Europe, the United States, as well as in Canadian corporate and private collections.

Amanda Frost

Amanda Frost is a self-taught artist originally from England. “I have seen many places in the world but am proud to call Canada home.”

She got into art at a young age, and found that her father’s work as draftsman led her to use math in art, hence the pointillism and architectural drawings for which she is best known. She is also well known for her love of animals.

“My mission is to have fun trying to do justice to the beauty that surrounds us.” – A.F.

Pat & Bill Odowichuk

What started out as a hobby has turned into a second career for Bill.

Bill started out building planters, and then someone asked him to build a garbage can container. Since then he has built over 100 of them which can be seen scattered throughout Delburne and various towns in the surrounding areas.

Over the years Bill has come up with many different ideas including picnic tables, sandboxes, Adirondack chairs, dog houses, pet dishes, benches, and many more items. Bill does all the building and Pat does all the staining and finishing of the products. Pat also has gotten into Diamond Art which she does as a hobby, and now has framed and matted many of them by making her own frames, and selling them along with Bill’s products.

Bill’s Woodworking | Delburne, AB
403-318-5876 |

West Country Writers’ Ink

Since its inception in 2000, the West Country Writers’ Ink has provided a forum for writers to share their work with other writers, discuss the experience of writing, and encourage each other to keep writing!

Some members had never written a ‘creative’ word before joining the group, while others were members of various other writing groups or had works accepted in various publications.

“More Selections from West Country Writers’ Ink” is a Centennial edition; both a commemoration of Alberta’s 100th Birthday (1905 – 2005) and a celebration of writing by the members of the West Country Writers’ Ink (2000 – 2005). Includes selections by Brian Bradley, Margaret Corbet, Myrtle Grovet, Helen Hoszouski, Victor Jensen, Betty Murphy, Ron Bradley, Orpha Donnelly, Maria Haubrich, Diamantina Hurren, Evelyn Lewis, and Vivia Oliver.

“Poems” is a collection that includes contributions from Ron Bradley, Brian Bradley, Vic Jensen, Betty Murphy, Myrtle Grovet, Helen Hoszouski, Orpha Donnelly, and Evelyn Lewis.

Joining the event for 2023 is Susan Glasier – author of “Bend Like The Willow, Tale of an Arab Promise” – with her new novel, “She Was Never The Same.”


Annette Gray

Unfortunately, Annette won’t be personally attending this year’s art show and sale; her books will still be available on site.

Annette Gray is a Canadian born writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She has numerous published short stories and newspaper articles to her credit as well as eight books: Butterflies In The Dark, Mountains and Moonbeams, Twisted Heart; Twin Hearts; Rearview Mirror; Journey of the Heart–a true story; Westport’s Tarnished Star–in defense of Johnny Behan; and Keep The Peace At All Cost.

“My father, a quiet, unassuming man, was a great mentor. He taught me to believe in myself. ‘You can do anything you set your mind to,’ he used to say. Under his guidance, I became a writer with hundreds of articles and short stories published in the USA and Canada.”

Graytwest Books by Annette Gray

I'll have Frank Sigurdson's book, 
"Life on Soggy Bottom Ranch" – taken from Frank's articles in the Western Star – at my table, too. 

— Annette