Encore: Amber Williams Band

Amber Williams and her band returned for Thursday’s Dinner and Date Night on August 19th and this time more band members and family made it to the stage to entertain the crowd.

Cooler temperatures and a little bit of rain prompted the audience to take advantage of the large tented area in front of the stage and gazebo just off to the side.

Thanks again to Historic Markerville for organizing the event, and the creamery staff for opening up to serve everyone food and drinks.

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TOF Entertain for Date Night

T. O. F. (Two Old Friends), also known as Larry and Gary, were the entertainment for the August 12th Dinner and Date Night at the Markerville Courtyard.

Earlier this summer, Gary was unavailable when we held our Artists on the Avenue event in July. T. O. F. had planned on busking during the art show and sale; Larry went with “Plan B” and was joined by Russ. That was enjoyable and added a new element to the Art Show, but it’s also nice that for Date Night we could finally meet Gary and hear the two friends perform.

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artOTave + Show ‘n Shine

Several artisans returned on August 8 to take part in the Annual Show ‘n Shine and Market event put on by the Markerville Creamery. The Market set up in the Creamery Yard, while Artists on the Avenue set up their tents and tables along Johnson Avenue and on Center Street.

David Todd, Judy Hauge, Jean Elliott, Marlene Potter, Carol Ritten Smith, Ron Bradley, and Annette Gray took part in the impromptu Artists on the Avenue gathering. Pottery, glass works, painted tiles, photo art cards, fiber art, literary works and more were on display.

Amber Williams Band

Dinner and Date Night at the Markerville Creamery on Thursday, August 5th featured Amber Williams. As usual, the Kaffistofa was open from 5 pm to 8 pm for dinner, dessert and ice cream.

Amber entertained the crowd from 6:30 to 7:30, and her daughter even helped out on a couple of songs! Relaxing, fun, and quite enjoyable.

The next Dinner and Date Night is August 12, same time, same place; organized by Historic Markerville! Hope to see you there.

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