Jean Elliott

Jean Elliott is a glass artist, residing in Didsbury, Alberta.

She has many years making, crafting and experimenting in assorted media … favourite items are made from glass in her home studio: Mosaics, soldered and fused.

Featured items include garden and plant pot stakes, and framed sparkly glass wall art.

Glass Art by Jean | 403-335-4722

Simone Le Sann

My name is Simone Le Sann and I have been an artist all my life. I started drawing as a kid and had many sketch books growing up on the farm in Theodore, Saskatchewan.

Up until 5 years ago I had never picked up a paint brush, but when I suffered a broken elbow injury I decided to give painting a try. Just three months later I found myself entered into an art battle: I was asked to fill the spot when an artist cancelled, and so I did. I got to paint live and be in the company of talented artists, and from there I couldn’t stop painting.

It has always been a dream of mine to be an artist and now I paint everywhere, including across the world, and have paintings in Cuba and many other places. My dream is to paint in Europe with the artists there, and I will follow that passion with my partner, Tani, who is a writer. I plan to do the illustrations for his next book.

Tani Shallari, Author

Tani Shallari worked as a French and English teacher for twelve years. His first book, Gomo, was inspired by his students.

Tani was born on October 24, 1982 in Grevë, Albania. He attended Pandeli Sotiri High School (2003) in Gjirokastër, and Aleksandër Xhuvani University (2007) in Elbasan.

From the Author Q&A: Tell me something not in the synopsis.
“This book is inspired by kids and is made for them. Children can be what they want to be in the future; to achieve their dreams they must believe in themselves, they must believe in their dreams. I hope my book can inspire them and help them. Every kid deserves to be happy.”

SLS Artwork | | 403-704-9310
Tani Shallari | | 403-397-5677

West Country Writers’ Ink

Since its inception in 2000, the West Country Writers’ Ink has provided a forum for writers to share their work with other writers, discuss the experience of writing, and encourage each other to keep writing!

Some members had never written a ‘creative’ word before joining the group, while others were members of various other writing groups or had works accepted in various publications.

“More Selections from West Country Writers’ Ink” is a Centennial edition; both a commemoration of Alberta’s 100th Birthday (1905 – 2005) and a celebration of writing by the members of the West Country Writers’ Ink (2000 – 2005). Includes selections by Brian Bradley, Margaret Corbet, Myrtle Grovet, Helen Hoszouski, Victor Jensen, Betty Murphy, Ron Bradley, Orpha Donnelly, Maria Haubrich, Diamantina Hurren, Evelyn Lewis, and Vivia Oliver.

“Poems” is a collection that includes contributions from Ron Bradley, Brian Bradley, Vic Jensen, Betty Murphy, Myrtle Grovet, Helen Hoszouski, Orpha Donnelly, and Evelyn Lewis.

Shannon Foster

I gravitated to art very organically through love of nature and observing the beauty of my surroundings. Living as a farmer in Alberta, I developed an appreciation for the changes of seasons, noticing and marvelling at the different hues and impressions of the environment before me. As I travelled to different locations within this picturesque world I was inspired with shades, color, and texture.

I first started as a napkin doodler and then a sketcher, I discovered pleasure of creating. Wanting to capture visions both actual and imaginative, I started painting landscapes. With acrylic paint, scenes of wilderness and rural life turned into a visual on a canvas. Eventually graduating to the use of other techniques also learning how to incorporate these elements into my paintings.

The realistic style was rewarding; however, abstract art grabbed my heart strings as well. Experimenting with techniques, blends of colors became very fulfilling for my soul as had landscapes, doodling, sketching. The reactions of others to my art both surprised and delighted me. People have unique responses and feel connected to certain pieces.

Navigating between and exploring many mediums has brought me closer to achieving what I observe and feel from the natural world and to share it with people through art.


SASART was created with a vision in mind: do what you love and love what you do!

The artist, Savannah, does exactly that! Based in Lacombe Alberta, she focuses on selling original creations, working at home or on site for hired commissions, and inbetween it all: teaching art classes & lessons (offered locally in Lacombe, booked privately, or with travel in Central Alberta). That’s as specific as it gets, as beyond that the artist loves to dabble in anything and everything art! You name it!

Completely freehand and self taught, with a background that all started with bic pen illustrations from a young age. You will rarely – if ever – see any drafting or use of pencil unless requested! From there, branching out into as many other mediums, styles, subjects, and areas of art. You will often see in many of the personal works a theme: nature and scenic inspired creations! When working on commissions and teaching all aspects of what will be created for or with the client/student are completely their choice: medium, size, style, theme, subject, and more! One day you may see an abstract splat creation and another day a realistic pen and ink portrait, you just never know! On other days it could be a work made completely of paper. All ages and skill levels welcome!

“Add some SAS to your life!”

SASART | 403-741-7360

Browse Classes:
Browse social media by typing in SASART on: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Google, & more!

Brenda J Smith

Brenda has a solid experience with Still Lifes and Landscapes in Acrylic on canvas, but also creates unique abstracts. Her previous profession in Decorative Painting and specialized wall finishes, has led her into using this vast knowledge of various plasters and metallic products, and applying them on canvas. These pieces mimicking her love of ancient European architecture with their aged and textured facades. She has recently started combining these plaster products with her fine art to push her boundaries even farther.

Along with her decorative painting experience she has done many residential murals and has worked in Canada, the USA, as well as Germany. Her many years crafting stained glass has also given her additional art form experience.

Brenda has also taught for many years, in such classes as stained glass, professional decorative painting and Trompe l Oeil. She also has experience and taught with many other mediums such as resin, chalk and milk paint, and incorporates some of these in her current works.

Her latest gallery exhibition “Escape With Me” was influenced by the world wide covid situation starting in 2020. She wanted her audience to be able to escape to the many travel destinations she painted for this exhibit.

She has her work adorning many businesses and residences in her area, as well as being featured in a popular Alberta magazine and Home and Garden Conde Nast UK.

She resides in Red Deer, Alberta Canada.

Robert Braun

Wood turning has been Robert E. Braun’s passion for the past twenty years. Born and raised in a Northern Ontario lumber town, he developed his love of wood early in life. And, inspired by a craftsman he met in Greece who was turning his olive wood vases out of a store front studio, he was intrigued by the whole process of turning.

He prefers to turn while the wood is wet or “green” to allow it to distort and find its own shape. In addition, Robert has made over 90 of his own cutting knives. As the wood turns on the lathe, the grain patterns emerge and the adventure begins. It piques his interest to see what lies within.

Each piece he turns is chosen for its creative potential, making use of such features as burls, spalt, and bark inclusions. This ensures a unique creative result. One of his greatest pleasures is searching for exotic wood on his travels.

Bowls, vases, wall platters, and urns are examples of his work. Carving caricatures is another one of his passions. |

Doug Taylor

Doug started welding in 1981 at the age of seventeen; by twenty-one he achieved his journeyman status.

Over 30 years of managing and working in the manufacturing and fabrication of various metals has given Doug the skills and abilities to conceive and create a variety of different artistic concepts.

Brenx Artistic Blacksmithing | 403-506-9353

Sons of Fenrir in Markerville

June 18th was a great day, and not just because the sun managed to keep the rain at bay. The Sons of Fenrir set up their market in Historic Markerville, shared stories, joined spectators in games and of course shared battle re-enactments from the Viking Age.

Photos from July 4, 2021

It was threatening rain, but many of the artists stayed for day two of our Outdoor Art Show and Sale. It turned out great (rain held off till 5 p.m.), and people kept showing up right to closing. Larry and Russ returned to sing and play guitars, helping to make the day enjoyable both sight and sound.

Thank you to all the artisans who could attend and make Artists on the Avenue possible. And a big thanks to everyone who ventured out to see the show; it was a success, and we’re all looking forward to next year.

Here are some photos from our second day:

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Photos from July 3, 2021

What a great day for the start of the second annual Artists on the Avenue Outdoor Show and Sale! Special thanks to the Markerville Creamery staff who brought some “July 1st Celebration” cake and fresh coffee to share with the artists!

Here are some photos from morning setup and throughout the day.

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artOTave + Show ‘n Shine

Several artisans returned on August 8 to take part in the Annual Show ‘n Shine and Market event put on by the Markerville Creamery. The Market set up in the Creamery Yard, while Artists on the Avenue set up their tents and tables along Johnson Avenue and on Center Street.

David Todd, Judy Hauge, Jean Elliott, Marlene Potter, Carol Ritten Smith, Ron Bradley, and Annette Gray took part in the impromptu Artists on the Avenue gathering. Pottery, glass works, painted tiles, photo art cards, fiber art, literary works and more were on display.

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Show ‘n Shine Vendors

The Annual Show ‘n Shine held on August 8, 2021 also provided an opportunity for local vendors to set up in the Creamery yard for a Market. Since the Christmas Market for 2020 had been cancelled it was exciting to see familiar booths set up displaying a wide variety of items for sale.

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Amber Williams Band

Dinner and Date Night at the Markerville Creamery on Thursday, August 5th featured Amber Williams. As usual, the Kaffistofa was open from 5 pm to 8 pm for dinner, dessert and ice cream.

Amber entertained the crowd from 6:30 to 7:30, and her daughter even helped out on a couple of songs! Relaxing, fun, and quite enjoyable.

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Outlaw Music in Markerville

Outlaw Music (JoLynn McGillivray & Gerry Bradshaw) performed for the Thursday, July 29th “Dinner & Date Night” in the Creamery Courtyard. The entertainment, the food, the weather … another perfect combination for the second “Date Night” of 2021.
Highlights included Sweet Caroline, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, and Jolene to name just a few!

Thank you to Outlaw Music, Historic Markerville and the staff at the Kaffistofa for making it happen.

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Jaydin Vonkeman

July 22, 2021 | 6:30 PM

Markerville was treated to an evening of live music by Jaydin Vonkeman.

The Creamery opened for this special event, allowing everyone to grab something to eat before the show. With ice cream for dessert, folks settled into their lawn chairs or took advantage of provided seats and picnic tables to sit back, relax and enjoy the concert. #jaydinvonkeman

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