Vern Steinbrecker

I was raised on a farm north of Hanna and spent most of my life in Calgary, employed in the agricultural field and construction.

My wood turning started about 15 years ago as a personal hobby. After 7 years of building skills, I eventually began showing my work at the Farmers’ Markets around Calgary.

Upon retiring 3 years ago, I moved to Sundre, Alberta where I am continuing to make wooden objects and enjoying the small local farmers markets here. I buy most of my wood, but if I find an interesting piece of wood I try to turn it into someone else’s treasure.

VJS Turning

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4 thoughts on “Vern Steinbrecker”

  1. Proud of you, Bro. You do a fantastic job with everything you do. You are a perfectionist and all your work is given special attention. Mom and I love all the pieces your have given the both of us. Keep up the great work and wish you the very best now and forever.
    Great picture and write up 🤗🤗

  2. Vern your work is absolutely stunning. You take so much time and put your heart in every piece you make. You’ve got a great talent and love seeing you use it. Im very proud of you.I love my cutting board you made for me. Looking forward to seeing what next you’ll be making. Keep up the fantastic work. ❤

  3. Vern Steinbrecker your work is absolutely stunning. You put your heart and soul into every piece you make.I amazes me how you can take a piece of wood and make something out of it and make it come to life.You put so much pride in every piece you make. Im so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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