Mary Anne Message

Mary Anne Message was ready to go, rain or shine, and everyone who showed up for the August 4th “Supper & Song” were glad they did. The weather may have scared a few people away, but definitely not Jack and Dot who showed up in their rain gear. I’m pretty sure they would have been out there dancing even if the rain hadn’t let up. Here are some more photos and video from the evening event at the Markerville Creamery stage.

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Jack and Dot doin’ the right thing!
Three of the songs performed by Mary Anne Message on the August 4th Creamery Stage: 455 Rocket, Every Little Thing, and Big Bad Handsome Man.

Historic Markerville Supper and Song Thursday Roster
Supper 5:00 pm / Songs 6:30 pm


August 11 – Amber Williams
August 18 – Allen Christie
August 25 – Larry Kjearsgaard

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