TOF Entertain for Date Night

T. O. F. (Two Old Friends), also known as Larry and Gary, were the entertainment for the August 12th Dinner and Date Night at the Markerville Courtyard.

Earlier this summer, Gary was unavailable when we held our Artists on the Avenue event in July. T. O. F. had planned on busking during the art show and sale; Larry went with “Plan B” and was joined by Russ. That was enjoyable and added a new element to the Art Show, but it’s also nice that for Date Night we could finally meet Gary and hear the two friends perform.

One thought on “TOF Entertain for Date Night”

  1. Thank you both Dave, Byron for including us into the markets and helping with all the media, advertising and supplies when we needed them, in Sundry and now in Markerville. All of it means a lot to me. I could not have done it alone. I am working on new things for the coming summer of 2022 Art Shows. See you soon Your friend Bob.

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