Hatí and Sköll?

Found wandering along Johnson Avenue in Markerville, (l to r): Scott, Kelsey, Violet, Christopher, and Rupert are armed with their best Viking scowls and ready to face whatever a visit from The Sons of Fenrir might entail.

Iceland’s National Day celebration in Historic Markerville began fashionably late … by one month. It’s normally held on June 17th each year, but was wisely moved to July 17th for 2021 due to the scheduled pandemic restrictions “lift” in early July.

Spectators began gathering at noon for the market and a chance to take part in games and take a closer look at the tools and weapons of days gone by. The Sons of Fenrir greeted each other and began their re-enactment at 1 pm. Following are photos from the day, including the Lady of the Mountain — d’Arcy Gamble — seated on stage with princesses Kelsey Bennett and Kennedy Gamble just after the Procession of the Fjallkona mid-afternoon.

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